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Kubernetes API-GW service

KONG with TLS + Auth

GCP K8s Clusters Kind - Secret

Scenario To save some 3rd parties’ sensitive information such as credentials, in Kubernetes managed secret service.

Multiple GCP K8s Clusters under a different GCP project

Scenarios is described as this: We have one GCP root account, which creating 2 projects, one is as a lab, the other one is as production. The lab one has...

GCP K8s Service Catalog

The tutorial to learn - GCP Connecting Cloud Pub/Sub with Service Catalog Install K8s Service Catalog and Service Broker Using K8s Service Catalog Which comes out with key concepts to...

Application - memory Cache services

Question There is always requirement to cache some data in the application local memory, so that the data can be retrieved ASAP. There are many frameworks or libraries in Java...

Event Driven Microservices

Event Driven Microservices Architecture

Microservices API Gateway

API Gateway solutions comparation


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Istio on Katacoda

Deploy Istio on Kubernetes This guide is fully followed from, where you may have a better experience, importantly without any local env setup. This guide will create an environment...

Logging - Log4j2

Log4j2 Configuration