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Qwiklabs ML APIs - 1. Introduction to APIs in Google

There are lots of powerful things you can do with the Markdown editor. If you’ve gotten pretty comfortable with writing in Markdown, then you may enjoy some more advanced tips...

Qwiklabs - Machine Learning APIs

Create a service account

Qwiklabs - Baseline: Data, ML, AI

Cloud ML Engine: Qwik Start

API Design

Various API design style When to Use What

PostgresDB JSONB Data type

Framework for JSON to Java Object

Reactive or Asynchronous Programming in Java

Story Reactive programming is pretty hottest talk for a while in programming worlds, both front end and back end. Java has the ability since 8th release. However, I haven’t fully...

Google Cloud - Key Management Service

Question We have a micro service called “Key Vault”, which stores keys and secrets sensitive data. The data is encrypted by AES-256 keys, and we need a way to secure...

Stackdriver Kubernetes Monitoring

Scenario Context - 1 We want to monitor not only the platform our services are running on, but also our services themselves. Plus setting up alerts when certain errors or...

Azure Edge Service

Tutorial to Follow Azure Edge Quickstart