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Setup Mindmapp NodeJS App on Oracle Cloud Free VM

Learning Path Mindmapp Node.js Application Setup Node.js App on Ubuntu 18.04 - NodeSource Pre-requirements Install NodeSource 12.x for Node.js 12 shell script curl -sL | sudo -E bash -...

Roadmap to be good!

职业成长路线图: XX年XX月 - 技能/知识积累 + 技能/实践用例 + 技能/经验总结 + 技能/拓展延伸

Learn Advanced - API Security

Terms to learn Authentication(AuthN) Authorization(AuthZ) OpenID(AuthN protocol) OAuth 2.0(AuthZ protocol)

Learn Basics - Azure Functions + CosmosDB

Learning Path Serverless database computing using Azure Cosmos DB and Azure Functions

Learn with DynamoDB

Learning Path

GraphQL with NodeJS

I. Server pipeline

OpenAPI with NodeJS in LoopBack

NodeJS Express.js LoopBack


Howto Schema in Cassandra

Automatically provision and manage TLS certificates in Kubernetes

Scenario Context We want to automate and manage certificates used within our K8s clusters.